Move or Improve?

Move or Improve?

So you have just realised that the available space in your home is not enough to accommodate your growing family or needs? Let’s take a look at your options, which to be frank are quite limited, to move or to improve. We are here to discuss why improving your home by the means of a loft conversion is worth considering before moving out. 

The stress of moving out:

Many things come into consideration while choosing a new home. The situation becomes even more complicated and difficult if you have spent a considerable amount of time in your current home. The attachment and the deep feeling of love that you have grown with your home is not very easy to break. 

The stress of moving in:

So, you have conquered the very first step of a house shift, the move-out. A whole new set of challenges awaits. The stress of various processes linked with a new house can be overwhelming for some homeowners. If you have ever moved houses in the past, you’ll know how stressful it is. 

The feeling of excitement linked with having your offer on the new home accepted is usually short-lived. You have to deal with the solicitors, agents and removal companies shortly after your first achievement. A long and difficult process is linked with each of the aforementioned parties and the stress only adds up until everything is sorted out, which can usually take anywhere from a few days to a couple of months.    

The stress of moving in and out is entirely eliminated with a loft conversion since you continue to live in your home as it gets upgraded. There is also no denying the fact that a loft conversion can be somewhat stressful too. Although, the amount of stress from a loft conversion is quite minimal when compared with moving out. With a good loft conversion company, almost half of your problems are solved and you get to enjoy an easy and stress-free loft conversion. Professional companies usually ensure that the conversion is as convenient and pleasant for the client, as possible. It is also to be noted that loft conversion projects are mostly done from the outside of the house, so there is no disruption in your daily routine. The same, however, cannot be said for moving out as it involves whole weeks or even months of efforts to move from one house to the other. Not taking into account, the missed working hours and the need to adjust to the change in the environment and surroundings at your new place.

The Loss of Time:

Unfortunately, the overwhelming stress is not the only drawback associated with moving houses. The amount of precious time lost is also another factor that makes it even difficult to move. On average, moving houses can take at least 6 weeks. With some complications in the paperwork, this time period can even be doubled, thus adding to the amount of time lost. 

On the other hand, while a typical loft conversion usually takes the same amount of time, that is 6 weeks, from beginning to completion, you still get to live an almost normal life. As already discussed, a loft conversion hardly ever disrupts your daily life activities and you can start enjoying the extra space as soon as the paint dries off. Moreover, the timeframe of a loft conversion is usually fixed, unlike a house move, where any trivial matter can delay the move by some days to even some weeks. Our contractors are known for their efficiency and extensive experience. Therefore, the timeline you get with your quote will be strictly followed and the deadlines will be met like clockwork.     

The Cost Factor:

While making the decision to move, the homeowners often have to calculate the net gains or losses that they may incur if they choose to move houses. Most of the homeowners try to make a profit off of their decision to sell. This makes it even more difficult to buy a new house when everyone is looking to make a big profit on their property. In addition to this, all the hassle of the paperwork, the solicitor’s service fees and the stamp duty comes by default with every house move. 

Whereas, a loft conversion involves no such complications. While it is true that some contractors do charge premium rates for their loft conversion projects, there are plenty more out there who can do a similar amount and quality of work at the same cost. 


If you choose to buy an already built house, which is usually the case, there’s not much that you can do in terms of the overall design of your new house. Surely, some changes can be made in terms of paint and some general renovations, but your hands are usually tied unless you choose to spend a whole fortune on the project.  

A loft conversion gives you the freedom and power of choosing whatever design or colour you like. In a nutshell, a loft conversion is built in accordance with your requirements and the instructions specified to the loft conversion company prior to the commencement of work on your property.

No matter how small your loft space is, you’ll be surprised to know what you can achieve by a simple loft conversion. After all, the hundreds of thousands of lofts all over Europe were not built without a solid purpose and use in mind. 

We can help you find a contractor within just a few clicks. You can easily create a free account on Yottex and browse through the hand-vetted pool of loft conversion specialists enlisted on our platform.      

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