Mansard loft conversion

Mansard loft conversion

If you are planning to add maximum space to your property by means a loft conversion, then a mansard extension is the way to go. Named after the renowned French architect, Francois Mansart, a Mansard loft conversion makes use of the entire available roof space, while still extending the slope outwards, ensuring maximum space gain. Mansard lofts are a key component of the European architecture and adorn centuries-old buildings, such as the Louvre Museum, Paris, constructed back in 1550. You can also emulate the famous style in your home, by opting for a Mansard loft conversion. 

Usually found at the rear of houses all over Europe, a mansard extension converts your roof’s sloping side to an almost vertical wall. Timber framing and horizontal cross-sectional lengths are then added for support. The roof of a mansard loft is flat and the windows are usually housed in small dormers, located at the sides. 

What’s involved?

A Mansard loft conversion includes extending your roof in a way that it has three sides instead of the traditional two. This requires extensive planning and work, thus increasing the construction costs of a mansard loft conversion. Therefore, a mansard loft conversion isn’t your pocket-friendly loft conversion type. Instead, it’s an investment that surely pays off in the long term by increasing your property’s value, but leaves a dent on your pocket post-construction. Additional work also means extra time spent on the project. You have to plan ahead before venturing into the territory of mansard extensions. 

Suitable Building Types:

A mansard loft conversion is usually suitable for almost all building types, including bungalows, detached and semi-detached houses and terraced buildings. You have probably seen them on old terraced houses all over London. A mansard conversion also gives you the freedom of going for your favourite exterior design. Everything, from slate tiles to exposed bricks and normal wall constructions, goes with this type of roof extension. 

What are the Pros?

Enjoy the extra space:

As discussed above, the addition of the maximum amount of extra space offered by this type of loft conversions gives it an edge over all others. If you are living in an urban area, you already know how valuable extra space can be. From a higher property value to more living space, every inch counts. You can use the additional space to create an extra bathroom, set up a home office, or add a full-fledged bedroom when needed.  

Live in style:

Furthermore, a mansard conversion’s compatibility with almost all house types makes it the most sought-after type of loft conversion. A higher demand usually means more construction companies available to take on your project. This translates to a higher probability of competitive quotes from different builders. 

Customise the exterior:

When it comes to mansard loft conversions, you have a ton of roof styling options available. You can use this opportunity to customize the look of your house according to your taste and choose a style that best suits your needs. Generally, a mansard loft is designed in such a way that it compliments your home’s style and doesn’t seem out of place. 

Throw the candles away:

With great space comes great lighting. You can expect the ability to add more windows to your loft, with a mansard extension. This alone is a huge benefit over all other loft conversions types since it gives you a whole new level of freedom when it comes to different lighting options and styles. Add the benefit of more airiness to the list and there you have it, your choice for that upcoming loft conversion project. 

Things to consider:

While all of the Yottex listed companies will expertly match a mansard conversion to the existing style and look of your home, there are still some things to be considered before starting the project. 

Let the piggy banks come forth!

Firstly, the high cost associated with all mansard conversions must be taken into account. Your home’s roof will undergo some modifications for achieving that signature 72-degree angle. The construction costs will significantly be higher as compared to dormer or rooflight conversions. Although the actual market costs might be high, there’s still a catch to it. Owing to the popularity of this type of loft conversions, you are sure to find scores of different companies, all offering different quotes for the project. You can use this to your advantage by getting in touch with as many companies as possible, thus increasing your chances of getting the best possible price. 

Planning Permissions:

Due to the extensive changes required in the roof structure and shape, planning permissions become a must for all mansard conversion projects. The construction companies listed at our platform have amicable customer support and would be more than happy to help you out with the process. However, getting a green signal from the local authority is still a must have and all required planning permissions must be obtained before starting the project.  

Long waiting time:

Longer construction times is another aspect to be considered when choosing mansard loft conversions. A considerable portion of your roof will require removal and reshaping. You can expect the project to take more time as compared to dormer and velux loft conversions. 

How much does a mansard loft conversion cost?

When talking about loft conversion costs, a mansard loft conversion is usually on the costlier side. The quotes for a mansard loft conversion start from £40,000 and go as high as £63,000 for high-end projects. The quotes will obviously vary, depending on your locality, roof size, roof condition, and the finish that you are looking for. A bathroom addition, for example, adds plumping and sanitary ware costs to the project. The addition of a stairwell and fire-safe access, which is compulsory in almost all localities, must also be considered. 

Each project is unique, with its own requirements and limitations. Therefore, it is important that you clearly communicate your requirements with your construction company beforehand, for a successful and stress-free loft conversion.  

How long does a mansard conversion take?

Since the project durations vary from project to project, depending on factors such as the total area covered and the chosen finishing style, a single timeframe might not be applicable to all projects. There is, however, an average timeframe based on the general trend. It takes around 7-12 weeks for the completion of an average mansard loft conversion project, from set-up to the final site cleaning. 

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